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7 Things I Have Learned Running Thousands In Instagram Sponsored Ads
7 Things I Have Learned Running Thousands In Instagram Sponsored Ads
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Ecommerce marketing platformYotpo reported that people are 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram than on Facebook and 120 times more likely than Twitter. While engagement rates have changed since Yotpo reported those Instagram statistics in 2018, we have seen them slightly decrease over the years as more people join and upload content. Even if that may be the case for others, user engagement rates on Instagram posts and ads are still exceptionally high compared to other platforms. Engagement is another objective you can use to promote offers. It’s also effective at promoting your Instagram account and posts. Image ads, video ads, and slideshow ads are your options under the engagement objective.



In Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll click "Create," which will allow you to set the parameters for your campaign. Your promoted post is live, you can track its performance using Instagram’s analytics data. While regular Instagram posts work best as a square, Stories work best in a vertical format.



This being said, you need to have both a small industry presence and a high target demographic to aim the ad towards. If this doesn’t exist, then your ad won’t perform because the audience is too small for it to get any traction. Another consideration to examine for advertising on Facebook vs Instagram is the industry that you’re in. Industries that favor visuals like food, fashion and hip consumer products are stronger on Instagram for a reason. If you already have an account on both platforms, take a look at your overall social media analytics to see which is already gaining the most organic type of interaction that you’re aiming for. Take that into account and create an ad similar to that type of content.



This represents a 5.9% quarter-on-quarter increase in advertising reach from what we saw in 2019. Or promote a post that is already generating comments, likes, and repost is very easy on this app. However, IG only allows business or creator accounts to use this feature. Creating an Instagram advertising campaign budget and schedule is not as difficult as many people think. To prepare this, visit the budget & schedule section while running an IG campaign setup process.



While there is value in lifestyle product photography and ads, at the end of the day, the goal is to sell a product, so it should be your main focal point. Don’t focus too much on the models, the actors or all the fluff that goes into making ads — instead, focus on capturing the product itself and allowing it to shine on its own. Therefore, before trying to sell to your audience, you first have to understand who they are and what they want.



Facebook is best for getting website clicks or views/engagement for written content. Instagram is great for boosting brand awareness with visuals. You can reach a broader audience with ads based on location, and you can target people based on demographics, like their age or what language they speak. Instagram posts you see will feature either one photo or video and a call-to-action telling you to learn more or shop now. You can then create a custom Instagram ad audience consisting only of people who have visited your website. Other modifiers can be added as well, such as only targeting the people who visited your website and either took a specific action or abandoned their carts.



Simply uncheck all the boxes except "Instagram" and scroll down. Although you may be tempted to jump straight to lead generation, bear in mind that the process of setting such ads is a bit longer and more complicated. This means a good CPC on Instagram will be different from one business to another. The results will depend on your industry, the product you sell, and the ads you use.



This will allow you to use your Instagram ads to retarget people who have recently visited your website. You can also use this retargeting information to create a lookalike audience on Instagram. If you want to know all there is to know about how to advertise on Instagram, check out targeting. Since the platform is owned by Facebook, you can utilize Facebook’s amazing and precise targeting options to ensure your ads are seen by the right people on Instagram. You can build brand awareness with the regular content you publish via feed posts, Stories, or Reels.



Platforms and even native advertising platforms, you might want to consider signing up for Brax. You can manage all advertising campaigns in a single dashboard — how cool is that? The section-based ads are those that are delivered through different sections of the Instagram platform instead of being content-based. They are usually more powerful because they use different methods to reach their target market. Now that you have an understanding of the format-based types, we can proceed to learn more about the section-based ones.



This manages both Instagram and Facebook ads, though not all of these options are available on Instagram. If you were to advertise on Instagram via the app, you do not have a choice in the objective. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. You have to think of creating compelling photos or videos first there before any other type of content.



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