Workout Like an Idiot

bust a move to the groove
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  1. Shaun T was suck a scamming fuck. He never emphasized diet, because his snake oil wouldn't sell otherwise!

  2. Great video and tips ! I'm gonna start working out like an idiot today !!

  3. final countdown irish edition

  4. Great vid Drumr
    but i'll stick with the 24 or 40oz curls lol
    ol Big Sid

  5. what a waste of time and $.
    no body lifes for ever,
    who want to live to be 150+.
    beer and only beer.
    "gods" love us thats why we have beer,
    stay cool……………..

  6. Who cares about exercise….
    I could work out for 20 years, step off the
    curb and get hit by a truck.

    Funny shit Drumr!!

  7. haha funny shit. whats the song in the background? love it!

  8. lol there are alot of stupid workout vids and equipment out there that say u can look ripped in weeksknowing those peeps havent used that b4 jus look at Chuck Norris machine he been using for years and still looks the same


  10. LOL good vid man

  11. the bday surprise haha

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