Town Asylum – Episode One: Mr. Squiggles?

You can still be in the role-play! I still will need cast members to come in later on in the role play 🙂


❀ Schedule ❀

Credits to Jezzie for Profile picture!

I record every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
❀Contact Me❀

Skype: kassidy.vince

Minecraft IGN: Cazzidy

Instagram: cazzidymcpc/
❀Recording Software❀
-QuickTime Player


-Mac Microphone

❀Video Editing Software❀

❀Thumbnail and Channel Art Editing Program❀


-Photoshop CC


❀Computer Specs❀

-Mac Brand : OS X Yosemite

– Operating System : Macintosh

– RAM : 16 GB

– Hard Drive : 1TB

Collaboration Invites open! Contact me via email or Skype.

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