Newegg TV: Dual Boot & Upgrade Your Macbook Pro Part II – Hardware Installation |

In Part II of this extensive tutorial, Paul will show you how to upgrade your Macbook Pro’s hard drive and memory, as well as how to dual boot your system using Boot Camp Assistant.

Part I:

==Reference Site==


Macbook Pro models & upgrade compatiblity:

Macbook Pro (New 2012 Model):

Samsung 840 Pro 256GB:

Kingston KTA-MB1333K2/8G Memory Kit:

Silverstone Macbook Pro Drive Caddy:

Windows 7 Home:

Carbon Copy Cloner Download:


Apple MacBook Pro DIY Upgrade kit – 128 GB Samsung Solid State Drive, SSD Caddy and 12-in 1 Toolkit:

Apple MacBook Pro DIY Upgrade kit – 256 GB Samsung Solid State Drive, SSD Caddy and 12-in 1 Toolkit:…

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  1. Thanks NewEgg, the video was short, sweet and to the point.

  2. would 160gb ssd be enough to have both OS X and windows as a boot drive? Also if I install windows programs can I chose to install them on the ssd or can they also go on the hdd?

  3. Quick Question, I want to replace my optical drive with my current ssd, and want to replace hdd on there for extra space so i can upgrade later very easily. But i want to boot from my ssd. Though i have change the sata port is there any problem. or both sata port works like same. 

  4. How much would it cost to make such changes/upgrades to that MBP? (From what was shown in the video that is)

  5. I enjoyed that very much. Thanks

  6. Can you please give me procedure or video step by step by using same mac book inbuilt SSD to install windows in it to make it dual boot?

  7. Why the heck do you get a mac if you are gonna change to windows 7? why not just buy a windows pc..

  8. Nice!

  9. But the only reason you would buy a Mac is because you like the OS and stuff like that. I personally go both ways, Mac for surfing the web and for carrying around and High end PC for heavy lifting.

  10. do one for the imac mid 2011 21.5 inch!!!

  11. From that point I think you should open Disk Utilities in OSX and format to exfat you can read and write on most OS's with this. Also windows will only formate Exfat to something like 8gb (That's not exact) where as OSX can do any size (in my experiences anyway)

  12. Hey just wanted to say both videos are great and really informational. I was wondering if you could maybe provide a detailed list of steps (preferably with pictures) of what you said in the video. There was a lot of material and steps and you went over it really quick. Thx!!

  13. Paul, i've followed your video for my Early '11 MBP 13" but since i got the 128GB SSD, i thought of keeping both drives. I also want to use the DVD externally, so what should i get for it?

  14. Trust me macs may not be great for gaming but they are really nice pcs

  15. That's Awesome!!! Please do more Mac videos.

  16. so much hate on the comments , i go on youtube almost everyday and all i see on apple videos are people saying that apple sucks , not once have i seen an apple ''fanboy'' saying anything bad about samsung or windows , you trolls are the real fanboys srsly

  17. thanks

  18. how to upgrade your macbook pro:
    step 1. buy a windows pc

  19. Yep, I've already upgraded my MB pro RAM from 4GB to 8GB. What I want to know is whether my hardware would support an upgrade to 16GB.

  20. Its a laptop, prolly 204 pin ddr3 1333mhz like every other laptop.

  21. Really helpful than any other video clip on the net.

  22. Loved it! Do more!

  23. Enjoyed it! Please do more videos about Mac computers and Mac OS X.There are some MacUsers who like hardware and videos like this one…

  24. Enjoyed it! Please do more. Knowing what the maximum RAM a mid-2010 macbook pro running snow leopard is would be great too.

  25. Love the video and would love even more if you did more apple product tutorials and product spotlights!

  26. dont confuse mac people, after that comment they might get scared to try and turn their overpriced hardware into something usable 😀 Google MacFuse 2.2 to be able to write to ntfs hard drives

  27. My dream laptop right there!

  28. there is a patch for mac that allows you write ntfs.

  29. Apple overpriced hardware. Microsoft overprices software. Linux is where it's at.

  30. waste of time, just use windows

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