Mac OS X Server: Getting ready and organized |

This specific tutorial is a single movie from chapter two of the Mac OS X Server 10.5 Leopard Essential Training course presented by author Sean Colins. Watch more at

The complete course has a total duration of 11 hours and 5 minutes. Mac OS X Server 10.5 Leopard Essential Training table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Setting Up a Server Environment
3. Managing Leopard Server
4. Setting Up DNS Services
5. Centralized Authentication with Open Directory
6. Managing Users and Groups
7. Setting Up File Services
8. Setting Up Time Machine Services
9. Setting Up Mail Services
10. Setting Up Web Services
11. Setting Up Wiki Services
12. Setting Up iCal Services
13. Setting Up Shared Contact Services
14. Setting Up Software Update Services
15. Setting Up Net Install Services
16. Setting Up iChat Services

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