[How To] Replace Optical Drive With HDD / SSD MacBook Pro 2012 – Caddy Installation

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Buy the Caddy here: http://amzn.to/MbDavn
Buy an SSD here: http://amzn.to/Nap29u
Here’s the Tool Kit I used: http://amzn.to/Maha4V
Another great toolkit: http://amzn.to/OLkWqW

So you really wanted to buy the Retina MacBook, but didn’t have the extra cash to spend right? Well thanks to this tutorial you can now mod your MacBook Pro and remove the optical drive to be just like the Retina Model…

Today we are going over replacing your MacBook’s optical drive with a Hard Drive or SSD. You will need a special Caddy to perform this installation. The process is rather simple but please follow the instructions and read the warning below…

WARNING: This is not a repair or procedure Apple stands behind. Though it’s completely reversible, it will void Apple Care. Should you damage anything in the process it will also void Apple Care, SO BE CAREFUL! I highly recommend putting your optical drive back in before taking your MacBook to an…

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  1. Hey man, helpful tutorial, thanks! Do you know if this process is the same when working with a late 2009 MBP? I'm hoping to do this to mine soon but there don't seem to be any tutorials for my specific model on Youtube :(

  2. Ok, I did everything, and my macboo pro does not recognize any drive, so now what? Its a samsung evo pro, and it comes with a CD which i cant use for obvious reasons. So now what? Is there a download? Why doesn't my macbook recognize the drive automatically?

  3. How the fuck did you manage to re screw the third torx screw back in? Why the hell would you do the most boggling part of this whole operation is high speed?

  4. can you install bootcamp to the new ssd?

  5. MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010) is it the same instrutions !? Same caddy ?

  6. Very clear explanation. I'll swap mine very soon and will let you know how it went. Thank you .

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  11. What about a 17' late 2011? Same instructions? Same caddy?

  12. Thanks for the video. It helped a lot. I have 1 question though, after I replaced my Optical Drive with the HDD, my computer recognises it but it won't show up under "Devices" and my computer seems to be hotter than it was when I only had the SSD in. What can I do to see my HDD under "Devices" in the Finder? 
    Thank you very much!

  13. i have the same screwdriver

  14. Easily the best vid on this procedure. Magnetic friggin' screwdrivers?!? Why are you the only one saying this??

  15. Thank you for making this. It really helped replacing the dvd player in my Macbook Pro Late 15" 2011 with a HDD.

  16. can u use any hard drive?
    does any hard drive fits on the caddy?
    im have a mid 2012 mac, i used for music, im a dj. and i want to install the biggest or better saying a hard drive with the most capacity posible and available.
    Processor  2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
    Software  OS X 10.9.5 (13F1077)
    i already have a 500 GB Flash Storage.


  17. after watching this vid, i have been inspired to upgrade further… just went and ordered a caddy! which also comes with an external housing for the optical drive… just less than 24 hours ago i upgraded my original HDD to a samsung 1TB SSD… i cant stop now!!! just a shame the CPU cant be upgraded on a macbook.

  18. Is there a limit capacity that the MacBook Pro 2012 can handle?  I just bought a 512 GB SSD and I would like to replace the optical drive with it but I want to make sure it's not too powerful for this machine.  It's my first time doing this so I want to make sure I don't mess anything up.  Thanks!

  19. Does this by any chance make the mac a little lighter in terms of weight?

  20. He probably already stated the HDD size, but can someone re answer my questions. What size is the HDD?

  21. Thanks a lot!

  22. Genial, muy instructivo, seguiré tus pasos! 
    Saludos desde Argentina

    Great! Very instructive! I will follow Your Steps.

    Greetings from Argentina!

  23. thanks, I will do exactly the same in the next 3 days…..just a little bit nervous hhh

  24. is your macbook pro 15 inch i7?

  25. Thanks!!!

  26. I just did this set up, i put a ssd as the main hard drive and used my old hdd as the secondary, but for some reason it still boots from the old hdd. I cloned it to the ssd and the ssd works fine. Every time i start it i have to hold alt so i can boot from my ssd, any advice?

  27. Could I install my SSD in place of the disk drive first to clone it then swap the location of my HDD and SSD?

  28. Nice description, exactly what I needed.

  29. HI, thanks for the video. I was installing on my MBP13 mid'12, the HDD fit perfectly, but 2 screws protrude about 1/8" where antennas should lay flat, so lid didn't close flush. The screws are tight all the way, but it still comes out. Any suggestions? Thanks again for the video, very helpful until I got to the antenna part you have on minute 10.

  30. Nice tutorial. Thanks.

  31. does it drains the battery faster than before? 

  32. its funny, but right after installing an ssd to the optical bay, i got the need to read some of the musical and video dvds, so i had to buy an external superdrive)

  33. okay, you have installed the os on your ssd ok?? my question is if you replaced the hdd with the os installed too??? 

  34. After installing an SSD and and HDD in an optical drive caddy is there any thing I need to do to get the macbook pro to 1) boot from the SSD and 2) to recognize the HDD? Thanks.

  35. can i use 3.5" hard drive on the caddy will it fit mbp 2012

  36. Is it possible to replace the cover on the cd drive slot? the one that helps keep dust and small debris from getting in? mine is kinda messed up already and its almost wide open.

  37. Hi! +macmixing do you know how to change the "eject" button function. I can't really use it after i've have replaced the optical drive with a SSD :)

  38. Would it be best to install the ssd where the old hdd came from or will the ssd function just as well in the optical bay?

  39. Thanks a lot for the great tutorial.  I followed along and everything worked as you showed. 

  40. Super bien explicado. Very well explained. Gracias. Thank you.

  41. Do you think I can use a macbook pros optical drive in my new computer I am building? 

  42. Well explained, thank you

  43. Thanks Buddy 🙂 

  44. I've a question, now every time i move stuff into the second HD it ask me for authentication.. how do i remove it?
    aaaand? when i back up now, it backs up everything (ssd and hd) or only the ssd?

  45. I'm confused. Can I just buy the caddy and put the HDD that was already in my Mac and put it in where the optical drive was? I already replaced my HDD with a Samsung SSD. But I don't need an optical drive and could use more storage. That being said, I used carbon clone copy with my SSD. So the only difference between my HDD that I took out of my mac and the SSD I put in is about 600 GB. Both of em have the same documents, apps…etc. etc. My question is if I were to put my mac HDD that I took out, into the superdive… will that be problem? both will have OS. Or can I just buy a WD HDD 750 GB for $80 and just put that in the caddy and replace the Optical drive? Do I have to install the software in the WD HDD?

  46. Great tutorial Dom thanks for sharing with us.

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