How To Make An Intro Using KeyNote- MacBook Pro

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  1. omg thankyou so much this really helped me, i can't explain how thankful i am! <3

  2. Saw other tutorials and yours by far was the best, thank you loads! ??

  3. Amazing video

  4. This was the most helpful video. Thank you!!

  5. nice video really helped I just don't understand how to put audio on the keynote thing

  6. how to make an OVERLAY intro using keynote?

  7. this helped so much thank you


    -Philip & Shawn

  9. I recently purchased my first mac computer. I've watched so many tutorials on this topic and yours was the best and easiest way to understand! I am so new to editing using imovie. Can you show more videos on how to edit videos using imovie? I've watched so many and it's so confusing to me! I know it's going to take time for me to fully understand imovie. Thanks so much!

  10. + TotallyMyInternet Is it free? I can't download things if they aren't free

  11. Thumbs up, nice info there thanks!

  12. great video. thanks

  13. Just found this video! Can't wait to go home and try to make a new intro haha. This was great!

  14. Thank you so much @TotallyMyInternet this relate help me alot.

  15. Very helpful, Thanx beauty.

  16. I always wonder how you set your camera up to film for videos like this!

  17. I used keynote once before on my iPad for thumbnail shots and didn't quite like it. I guess I didn't have the patience for it. Tfs this for MAC though.

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