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Welcome to Mac Tutorials!

In this Mac Tutorial, I teach you how to customize game pad controllers by using the GamePad Companion:

Supported Gamepads:

Mac XBOX 360 Drivers:

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  1. I tried it with Outlast game

  2. Perfect it works! thanks

  3. the app it 1.33$

  4. looks like i have to buy it after to play Modern Warfare

  5. minecraft does it work?

  6. i have it and it doesn't work for pes 2016 i have tried everything help plz

  7. ciao ragazzi ce qualcuno che mi può aiutare a configurare gamepad companion sul mio macbook pro…….

  8. you helped me so muck thank you

  9. The best thing about this video to me was that i bought the controller just to play Tf2. But then I didn't know or was very sure that it would work with the game and this was the only video which included Tf2 😀
    So im glad it works with my Mac and in Tf2 xD

  10. At Best Buy i got it for 7.99$

  11. Thanks a lot man. The guide works and you need to have the common sense if you are having problem with this program

  12. will it work for brutal doom on mac

  13. Ok…thank you for explaining how to program a Logitech Controller. However, I came to your video needing SPECIFIC instructions on EACH button for Steam Valve games. You zoom so fast with fairly incomplete instructions that, even after using the pause button to slow you down I was like WTF???!!! Please, please go step-by-step and show me how to program EACH key for my Logitech controller. Otherwise, you can't call what you uploaded a true tutorial if you give a fraction of the programming instructions.

  14. thanks young man, that was so helpful and useful

  15. Does the dualshock 4 work on with this programme?

  16. Phrasmotica, what a complete hero, you sorted out my Mac/Gamepad world in 5.55 mins, I have been asking about use of gamepads on Macs to Solutions, Apple stores, to Game stores and nonone could even give me a clue that ANY gamepad would work with a Mac… They seemed to think I was daft for asking.. You have made an old guy very (game) happy.  Well done you are a credit to your generation…!

  17. I like using control sticks on shooters too.

  18. wow you need to buy it for 8 dollars 

  19. please help, i did it perfectly but still its not working 

  20. after doing this way, its still not working in fifa 13 in mac

  21. Have you done a tutorial on how to program it for minecraft? If not could you please do one?

  22. Hi, using this program can I use my logitech controller to play minecraft?

  23. Top tutorial mate.

  24. hi, to get this Logitech F310 to work perfectly on Macbook Air, is it compulsory to get this Gamepad Companion app? Im pretty new to this thing, I'd really appreciate your response. Thanks. 

  25. Thanks for ur help, I was in a rage that my Logitech f310 controller would work with my Mac on steam, this has helped me a lot,! New sub 

  26. what about the buzzing? can you fix that?

  27. liked, favourited and subscribed. great vid!

  28. How do you map the triggers? Mine say they're Z-rotation? and won't let me select mouse click for them 🙁

  29. when i press on it does not work it just makes a loud sound.

  30. It do not work i dont know why but if i start portal 2 i can use the gamepad in the menu but in the game i cant walk and i am shooting all the time portals :/

  31. Camepad Companion recognizes my PS3 controller as a controller, but whenever I press buttons on the controller, it doesn't highlight "Button #1, #2, etc."
    Am I fucking something up?

  32. where did you buy the mac contropler

  33. thx for the work but what if i want to set 2 joystick cause i cant set my other joy stick i have both in on wire and is this work on ps3 joystick . thx

  34. Hi,
    I tried mapping the gamepad companion to fit the game called "Limbo". All the buttons seem to work fine EXEPT the action button which is supposed to be the shift or ALT button on the keyboard, but that just won't map on the gamepad. Any suggestions ?

  35. Hey I saw you played TF2 with game pad companion
    I cant get the aim to work properly(Right Stick) everything else works fine
    could you maybe tell me how you configured it

    srry for my bad english

  36. mine wont turn gamepads off, nothing is connected, every time i hit off, it freezes and im stuck doing a force close, and this a known problem?

  37. I'd check CarvWare's website for information, link in the description.

  38. I've been trying to set this up but my X-axis and Y-rotation refuse to do anything no matter what keys or mouse movement I set it to. Is that a common problem?

  39. See the link in the description for the list of supported controllers.

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