Ultimate Home NAS Setup – 4Gbit Network Connection & 20TB RAID0 Storage Array NCIX Tech Tips

Linus builds the ultimate home storage server and shows how it can easily handle 4x 1Gbit data streams simultaneously! If you want to make sure every PC in your house can be fed with data at all times, you’re going to want to build one of these!

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  1. I like that it was tested that 4 HD copies of a movie could be played at once, but copying a large file is going to stress the network more than just playing movies over the network link, it's not a great test of the network capability. Also would have liked to seen the speed of a single file transfer before starting up the other files and and seeing how much the other transfers effected it, see if it could max out at 125MB/s

  2. So Seagate has the biggest failure rate in data centers in the Northeast US by a 200% ratio to WD Red Pro and HGTS drives. Am I not right?

  3. Hey if i make a server for running my mc server will i need a graphics card

  4. will link aggregation work with nas4free ?

  5. can you present something more affordable and suitable for regular home user!

  6. hey what about if l one to build for 20 computers 🙂

  7. hey what about if l one to build for 20 computers 🙂

  8. Why does a NAS require so much RAM? I've seen a few build logs and they all use 16GB+.

  9. I like beastly things like this.

  10. Is it possible to bridge WiFi adapters in order to increase speed over WiFi?

  11. 2016, how can I update from this?

  12. I know this video is a few years old . But we run small LAN events and our ftp server only hits around 66mbs and would like to upgrade to feed more users at a greater speed . Could u tell me the specs of the PC used as a server ? cheers stew

  13. Slick? Been a long time since I heard Luke called that. Came back to this video to see if I was missing anything for my setup options and was surprised by the nostalgia.

  14. Btrfs?

  15. is it okay with wd drives?

  16. RAID is for Data Uptime, not and never for Data safety!

  17. AMD FX 4300 for a server ?

  18. This was made almost 4 years ago and it still puts my home server to shame… except for the drives, I would be amazed if half of those Seagate 3TB HDDs were still functioning today :D

  19. Those 3tb Seagate hard drives are without doubt the worst drives I ever bought. 3 out of 4 dead within 2.5 years. However credit where credit is due – no one knew just how bad these drives were when this was filmed.

    These days it is always worth referring to the backblaze blog for their quarterly reliability analysis when buying storage drives.

  20. can anyone help me out on how I can get faster download and upload speed than what my service providers give……..right now I'm get 245 Mbps for Download and 30 Mbps for upload…..I want to know can I get 1k Mbps for both….from my home please help…..Can this be achieved by building my own server from home and if so how please help

  21. which raid card is he using?

  22. Awesome video, however, I'd love to see you do this same setup only using multiple sources streaming true 4K content!!

  23. After the Seagate Barracuda plug, I was unable to take you seriously. I use WD Red Pro NAS drives (red label). For about $125 you can get a 2 TB drive with a 5 year warranty. The RMA process is simple and fast when a drive fails. Stick with RAID 5 or 10 and keep in mind that higher capacity drives have a higher failure rate.

    The SSD, on the other hand was a nice touch.

  24. Hello

    Im trying to build an NAS at home so the 5 tv we have can access it at the same time we no slow down we can you suggest me? and how to setup it up?

  25. "You're gonna wanna use Seagate drives."

    No. God, no. ;_;

  26. This video is kind of useless since you didn't say any of the models of the hardware you used.

  27. UPDATE: Do NOT get the 3TB Seagate. This was the worst drive in existence, with a massive failure rate. Go for the 2 or 4tb model. For some reason Seagate's 3TB drives were all faulty, with as much as a 50% failure. rate. The documentation alone isn't the only evidence, I actually had one along with many 4tb, and only the 3TB failed.

  28. is there an updated version of this??? that linus did too

  29. is this Linus from Linus tech tips

  30. Can anyone confirm a mobo that works with the intel i350 quad port ? my gigabyte mobo doesnt even post.

  31. Nein nein nein nein

  32. Is there a way to connect two computers via usb3 to achieve speeds faster than 1gigabit/s. Isn't USB3 capable of 5gigabits/s? I would be interested in connecting my main PC to my NAS via USB3 as I have lots of my video data which I only really access off my main PC for editting…

  33. What's that hardware you're pressing to switch displays?

  34. Is this Intel NIc really necessary for Home NAS?

  35. 21 TB and 3 TB per drive??? PCs that have BIOS only does not support that amount of volume. Better use the UEFI mode and set the format option to GPT. UEFI supports volumes larger than 2 TB.

  36. What if you put a 4 gigabit nic in your workstation and run link aggregation between the switch and workstation? Can this be used to speed up data transfer between a file server and workstation for video editing purposes? Does this scale up for multiple workstations based on port density?

  37. What are you using to watch the mkv files? I am using wmc but the files are encrypted and if like to play them from my mobile device if possible? 

  38. 3TB disks are easy to fail, and 7 of them in RAID0?!

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