Top 5 Apple Watch Myths

What are the Top 5 Apple Watch Myths? Watch to find out!

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  1. Can i use apps whithout an iphone close?

  2. honest and great video! congrats

  3. Great video

  4. play in x 1.25 speed in settings = perfekt.

  5. Loving the graphics! Do you want to collab sometime?

  6. amazing review

  7. Why are you talking like that man ?

  8. Dude ur a lefty? I'm a lefty.. I tried flipping the watch over but it looks weird. U like it? Does it work for you?

  9. Seriously, great vid and insight! I opt for the stainless steel cus it just has that classic time piece look, and you can't beat sapphire screen! Thanks again, you made my purchase much easier

  10. WatchOS 2 apps process at a good speed on my watch

  11. What a panty dropper

  12. don't forget to smile :)

  13. Thanks for the video, very informative so I subscribe ☺️

  14. Very good presentation!

    carry on! (y)

  15. are you sure there is a wifi device on the apple watch?

  16. The music in the background really livened up the video. Great Job on the presentation!

  17. I like the sexy background music.

  18. Are you going to buy an Apple Watch? check out these myths!

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