The WAN Show – PCI Express 4.0, Android Nougat.. & More AMD Zen – August 26th 2016

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Timestamps courtesy of Ghost and JJMC89

00:00:00 – Excuses for being late, topics overview, and intro
00:12:00 – AMD releases architectural details on Zen
00:14:52 – What’s inside Microsoft’s Hololens and how it works
00:25:25 – PCI Express 4.0 brings 16 GT/s and at least 300 watts at the slot
00:33:26 – Android 7.0 Nougat released
00:40:09 – Design defect breaking a ton of iPhone 6 Pluses
00:42:21 – The Nosulus Rift
00:45:20 – Xbox Onesie
00:46:50 – North Korea launches its own streaming service named “Manbang”
00:49:42 – McDonald’s recalls Happy Meal fitness trackers after they injure…

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  1. Elbow gate: The most Canadian scandal ever

  2. Nothing wrong with dual Hawaii. I only bought a second one because of the price. Don't need to worry about it pulling so much power when you don't get a lot of time to use it anyway. Not that you would know much about real life users though, seeing as how you can just ask a manufacturer to send you something for free whenever you fancy an upgrade as long as you make a video about it, you stuck up prick…

  3. The Hololens is really, really cool. I got to test out the surface of Mars demo at Build this year, and it was really cool. They are supposed to have it as an exhibit at Kennedy Space Center sometime this year.

  4. 16GB of L4 cache, this is exactly what i was talking about 3 years ago, though back then i was talking like 1GB of L4 that was basically half the speed of L3

  5. phenom II x6 1035T-1100T vs FX 8xxxx shit storm

  6. boa, 230k views mittlerweile, nice. vor nem jahr warens noch ca 50k pro show

  7. I never watched the WAN show because I do not like long videos. I let autoplay take its choice and choose this video. I am now going to binge watch all of the WAN shows. This is much better than I thought.

  8. I'm not 100% certain, but it appears that the audio crackles when Luke shakes the table

  9. Linus old? he looks like a teenager

  10. TRUMP 2016!!


  12. complains about culture gap, calls something cancer right after.

  13. On the topic of: "There is nothing that you can put in your computer that will max out the pci express 3.0 bandwidth, as a consumer." Back in the days of AGP Intel said, upon the release of the AGP 8X standard, that the bandwidth would be sufficient for the next 5 years at least. Another great statement of the kind is: " There is a world market for, approximately, 5 computers"

    Statements of this kind are rather dangerous. In response I shall paraphrase Wayne's World: " Build it and they shall come."

  14. terrible audio Linus media group I am disappointed with this quality.

  15. Linus, you can't say "af" IRL, ffs. smh

  16. Hi I'm a big fan of your crazy mods. And I don't know if you did a video about this yet but its possible to make a notebook wake on wifi modem? I mean if you can mod a simple notebook to do this. Please can you make a video explaining WoWLAN? Thanks and keep evolving!

  17. Fondant is French for food armour.

  18. Clicked on the 12min link, only to listen to you talk shit about amd for 2.5 mins, and now im leaving. There must be someone else who can say something about this.

  19. The Phenom II X6 1090T/1100T 6 core actually was better than the FX6300 6 core and had better IPC per core than the whole FX line. Yeah AMD kinda went backwards with the FX line. Should have just moved Phenom II to 32nm with better clocks and oc'ing ability.

  20. Just wanna say that we have free education here in Argentina and it's one of the best universities of the world. Yes, there are paid options, but having free options is quite nice. And free doesn't necessarily mean shitty.

  21. So when are we getting this video about the configuration mistake that you've made for the last 10 years?

  22. The crackling sound in this case is NOT an overloaded microphone– it's a soundcard sample rate error where the system isn't sure of the sample rate. Quickest fix would be try to temporarily swap audio inputs and then swap back, or just change the sample rate and then change back. Hopefully the system will "wake up" and catch the correct rate. It's a common issue, especially in Windows, and especially when running multiple media capture programs at the same time. Sometimes it just goes away by itself.

  23. Man that set is great. When Linus mentioned the warehouse I remembered "oh right, these guys are in a huge warehouse and not in some room".

  24. So, do we need a PS4 to be able to use PS Now on PC?

    They didn't REALLY talk about this, disappointed.

  25. too long to watch -_- …

  26. "I don't know what 38 inches is gonna feel like right in front of my face"
    ok linus

  27. You guys are a lot better then the tek, sadly they are in a lot of drama!

  28. RIP Tek syndicate

  29. Congratulations Linus! Hank Green and you make two of my favorite creators having created children recently.

  30. Linus i know what it was-it was the pop filter rubbing against the microphone when Luke was moving around. move it away from it slightly.

  31. "It looks beastly. That's a lot of inches in my face. Maybe I can handle it"
    I can't be the only one who took that in an inappropriate context.

  32. I have an ultrawide for gaming at home and it is really amazing so far. also runs really well with gtx 970

  33. Linus talking about FFT "The story is…completely" my wireless headphones desynced, not knowing this I thought what Linus had to say was so bad they decided to censor it…

  34. PCI-E 4.0 will help a lot of consumers, the ability to run your card 100% on the board not needing the 6/8 pin cables should make cards cheaper, reduce cable clutter in your case and potentially make power supplies cheaper if they need less cables.

  35. When my 6 Plus just became unresponsive I decided to just buy a 6s Plus. 2ezfix4u

  36. The USA is proposing free COMMUNITY COLLEGE not University.
    Harvard, Yale will still charge. Upper Level Ivy League Colleges will still charge.
    Your local community college programs would be free, to a limit.

  37. What's the beer like in canada

  38. Hey Linus take some basic english classes you dumbass.

  39. plastic surgeons prefer iFixtits

  40. Sorry guys, but a burn is an injury. A counter is not a table, and scar is not a scratch, but a burn is an injury.

  41. quick question qhy do they make pcie4.0 before Sata4 or whatever theyre gonna call it? its been the bottleneck for many years now! and dont tell me there are pcie ssds, i need my pcie slots for other stuff

  42. RIGHT AFTER 21:50 , are u serious thats how we feel aout every vid u do?

  43. pls water cool the mic

  44. "Lot of inches in my face, but maybe I can handle it" – Linus

    …….. >.>

  45. 12 minutes and you have said nothing worth watching! Found the "LIST"!!

  46. Hey! PCIe 4.0 has enough power at the slot to run a 480!

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