Macbook Pro unboxing

Being a YouTuber means relying on cameras & computers to work in order to post videos on time. Half of Jazzy Girl Stuff team has been relying on Annie’s Mom’s laptop. Well, finally that computer’s hard drive crashed. The Jazzy Girls had talked for a long time about getting better cameras & computers to work with, then the stress of this crashed computer prompted Annie’s mom to say, “let’s get a second computer so we don’t end up without a computer again!”. So that’s what they did. While this purchase was on the spur of the minute trip to the store to drop off a broken computer, the purchase of second computer, one specifically for the use of YouTube, was long considered. So, now Annie is the proud owner of a mini version (a MacBook Pro 13 inch) of her mom’s computer (a MacBook Pro 15 inch). Fortunately, a few days later Annie’s mom got her computer back with a new hard drive & as everything was backup on an external hard drive only a little was lost. Yeah! Thank you God for all the…

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  1. Can Allie do the what's in my iPod

  2. かわいすぎる!

  3. Im 16 and i dont have a mac 😂

  4. I looked it up its like $1400 !!!!😱😱😱

  5. i have the same owl but in pink

  6. Skylar

  7. Skyler

  8. I'm getting one tomz

  9. Annie do you know that you don't need your mom to do the Apple ID like omg I have to apples ID and 100apps that needs a password and know them all OMG Amf

  10. Wow you are so lucky I don't even have doors

  11. Name your MacBook Skyler

  12. I think you should name it Nicole. 😀😀😀 Love u Annie xxxx

  13. congratulations!!

  14. Hi Annie you should name your computer style ✌🏻️✌🏻😍

  15. How come you hardly do videos with Hope anymore

  16. What about the name Millie❤️💦☁️🙈👻

  17. I like that name

  18. did you get it with retina display

  19. Jazzy

  20. 😂😂😂

  21. Seriously who names their computer u r such a joker

  22. I don't think ur bragging ur just very excited we all have those moments. Congrats Annie

  23. Hey Annie I was wondering how you make your thumbnails

  24. Ur so luckyyyyyy Annie

  25. How much money that you but for that annie😊

  26. Name it clicky

  27. you can name it lappy

  28. Kylie

  29. can you make a video about how you save money

  30. You should name it like Annie jr or skyler

  31. How much was it Annie?
    What app do you use to edit your videos?🙈👭💘😍🌸😘🍉

  32. Sky or skyla

  33. You should name it skyler thats the name

  34. my family does not have that type of money to even…never mind

  35. you should name your channel mcdonalds

  36. my name is skylar but I spell it with out the r so its spelt skyla

  37. Cool l love yall videos so much 😘💜

  38. How much was it

  39. Skyler

  40. Maddie

  41. Congrats

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