How To Take The Perfect Selfie | Tips, Tricks, & Apps

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  1. I love ur hair style

  2. you remind me of Caroline from tvd you guys look a little alike XD

  3. whats the apps name ?

  4. you called me a fucking girl

  5. "do whatever makes you feel beautiful"

  6. hey dudettes, i am not a wealthy person and i must indicate that it was a lot easier to take a selfie on my pretty old previous n95 than this one. no matter what angle i struggle and fight, i just can not strike the decent pose with iphone. how cum lol?

  7. please do tutorial for dat hair! :>

  8. hail satan

  9. 40 seconds in and it's so relatable! 

  10. I can't take a ton. I either settle for like 1of 5-ish. Or give up completely haha. Too stressful #theSelfieSruggleIsReal 

  11. Don't smile in your selfie

  12. you're really pretty you look like vivia bianca

  13. You look like madonna! ❤️

  14. I love your Chanel!

  15. You're adorable! Thanks for the tips and tricks 😀 

  16. haha so funny

  17. I really enjoy your videos and you are very pretty keep it up 

  18. checking out that app! I've been looking for a good one! cute intro!

  19. I'm sorry for swearing but if someone every says any thing bad about your teeth ever tell them to go fuck them selfs you are amazing just the way you are. :-D

  20. I have just been like binge watching your videos. Your dreams do come true video made me feel so much more confident to keep making my videos and just post more singing videos. I really needed that video. I would love to meet you some day☺️.

  21. Those are some awesome tips and in gonna try it 🙂 ,whats the song at the end of video?

  22. love you're videos could you do a video on how to ignore you're haters on youtube like tell us how you don't let those mean comments get to you. :)

  23. You know how it is

  24. I like my left side too?

  25. You're like the big sister I never had :')

  26. your hair is literal perfection. those perfect curls OMG I cant.

  27. What was the app called? 

  28. Good video!

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