How To Crack An Apple in Half With Your Bare Hands

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  1. it worked! you're awesome.

  2. Oh no! I broke my boner 3==D

  3. Tip: pour just a little bit of cinnamon sugar on your sliced apple parts so they taste more like apple pie!


  5. Before I watched this vid today I cut and apple with my hands and I'm just a kid and it was easy LOL

  6. I did it

  7. right before the video started i tried again and it worked and then the video started and he did it lol

  8. 1:23 what breaks in half your funger or the apple?

  9. 1:24 (red apple)WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!

  10. I could only do it with the finger punch method

  11. No apples were harmed in the making of this video! ???

  12. I can't do this

  13. oh my god….. that was so funny to use your finger….

  14. "Now I must break you.

  15. i dident

  16. Have you ever tried to break a nipple with just hands 0:07

  17. Im only 11 and i broke 4 apples really love the video

  18. You fucked you can brake your finger like that

  19. can u to me my name is Jaziaha archie

  20. can u subscribe to me my name is Jaziaha archie

  21. @brawlmate fr me to

  22. i cant do it

  23. How to break your finger:

    1. Get an apple
    2. 1:16
    3. ???

  24. In Romania we cut the apples with the axe. We practice how to cut gypsyes in half. :D

  25. instead of the apple I broke my finger

  26. I almost had it, but I ended up just breaking a chunk off of the apple.

  27. rip fingers

  28. apple

  29. im only 10 and i broke an appe

  30. in America, you cut apples with knives

    in soviet Russia, you cut apples with your hands

  31. I just did it, my fingers hurt like you have no idea but I did it! :D

  32. How was that prank

  33. 0:55 "Here's another way to break a nipple."

  34. In mother russia apple cracks you in half

  35. yeah it works

  36. yeah it works


  38. this is just for russians

  39. And this is why you don't mess with Russians.

  40. @1:24 I laughed.

  41. its hard

  42. Glasses for Apple :/

  43. Shout out to Cynthia Roque and Joanna Hernandez

  44. is funny how he has 5 million subscribers but not even a million views

  45. l did

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