How I ACV rinse/soak/wash/condition/oil my LOCS

I needed to wash locs bad! I recored this video in early July 2016. Its been a busy summer. Forgive me!
I always keep up with my locs but this time I let it breathe for a moment. I wanted to do an apple cider vinegar rinse/soak to help get the buildup out of my locs.

Here’s a link to see the benefits of ACV rinse:

I normally wash my locs in the shower but, do the space, I opted to do it in my kitchen. As of 8/23/16 my locs aren’t retwisted. It will get done next weekend which will be recorded. Thank you for viewing hope this was a good video and I will try my best to get the videos rolling. I have 4 more video in the queue. I have washed my locs 3 times since this video. I’ve been to the beach several times this summer and going this weekend (8/28/16)

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  1. do u feel that the shea moisture loc butter is better than taliah waajid lock it up or are they both gud products? ? I have have thick coarse hair and thick products like the loc butter just sit in my hair & cause buildup. I feel lighter prodct would be best

  2. Nice Locs bro.

  3. locs*

  4. beautiful…. I love your locks

  5. Nice video

  6. Thanks for posting this, very helpful!

  7. man screw them folks be shirtless nothin wrong with it haha but man your dreds look awesome. and you just remind me that I need to get a new scarf

  8. dope video

  9. I see yu bro

  10. great video

  11. Your such a sweetheart and I'm a big fan of you and your boo! I'm 10 months Loc'd ,and wanted to know how to deal with frizz towards the middle and ends of the locs. I'm having that problem right now,would u suggest crocheting the hair in or continue Palm rolling?

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  13. I love your videos !!!!! Your hair is just beautiful 😊😊😊

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