A Problem With The Canon G7X

I had a small problem with my new Canon G7X camera that I bought a couple of days ago. The getting Started book said to get media off it and onto my computer I needed to download Canon support software from their website, and gave a web URL. When I tried they didn’t have anything for Apple’s El Capitan OSX, the latest being Yosemite. My Competer has El Capitan OSX.

Anyway, I tried to download the Yosemite version but it just hung – twice. So I wrote to canon support – who said, sorry, we’re working on it, and don’t have a release date. But they didn’t tell me How to Get Started i.e. get media from the camera to my computer. Fortunately I remembered that I could take the memory card out of the camera and put it into my computer and access the data that way.

I know it’s obvious but its a new camera so I expect to be told how to do stuff in a practical way I can follow. Full manual needs to be downloaded from Canon too but as far as I could tell still said go and get our software…

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