8 iPhone Tricks You Need To See

Know any other cool tips?

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Based on this post by Jessica Misener -http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/things-you-didnt-know-your-iphone-could-do

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  1. I knew all of these

  2. I knew these already like cmon there easy

  3. I knew all of these

  4. I knew all of them except the plane and compass one

  5. I knew most of these because they're easy to figure out and also because I've done them on accident before

  6. Doesnt everyone know these already?

  7. I knew all of these except for the compass one

  8. I knew all of those tips except for the plane one

  9. i knew all of em

  10. all but one

  11. Everybody with an iPhone would know most of this -_-

  12. I knew every single one except for the flight one

  13. I knew all of these 😂🤘🏻

  14. I knew all of these except for that leveled picture thing

  15. His password:password

  16. The shake to undo shortcut actually annoys me because I'm shaky with holding it sometimes.

  17. I knew all of these.

  18. "Will you help me move?" "Yeah I guess" shakes phone like nevermind"No." I'm lmao

  19. I have an iPhone trick! Throw it away and get an Android.

  20. WHAT

  21. I knew all of these

  22. Good for beginners…. but I'm not a beginner

  23. All of them

  24. i knew all of these

  25. I knew 7 out of 8 tips.
    Nobody just asks what planes are overhead…

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