Macbook Repair: Removing keyboard keys

Macbook Repair: How to remove keyboard keys (White Macbook)

Removing the keys on the Macbook is simple as long as you remain gentle in your approach. Here are the steps:

Using a toothpick, make sure you carefully pry the keyboard cap away from the keyboard by inserting the toothpick under the left side of the key and lifting upwards.

Removing the space bar can be tricky, but remain patient and it can be done.  For the space bar, use the toothpick and pry it up from the bottom as shown in the tutorial.

For the arrow keys, use the toothpick to gently lift from the right hand side of the key.

After you have carefully cleaned the key and the keyboard, replace the white key cover by pushing it back into place.

Its really that simple.

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  1. Thank you, you saved my ass

  2. Thank you !!!!!!!! Very much!!! Without you i don't know how i I would have done, cause i've cleaned the key "down arrow" and i haved to replace it , thanks to your tutorial !!!!! 

  3. thank you, nice and useful video ^^

  4. What about the shift key?

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