Macbook Pro – Screen Flickering Repair

Macbook Pro – Fix your Screen Flickering by “baking” your motherboard.

This video is to help you make an informed decision about repairing your Macbook Pro laptop using the bake motherboard method to fix screen related issues. This is a DIY tutorial making no guarantees that it will work for you but did work successfully in this case using these methods to fix screen flickering and screen issues of Apple Macbook Pro laptop.

Heat Oven: 375º F
Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
Note: Use foil on corners of motherboard as mini stand

This is a general case review of how to be successful in repairing your Macbook pro screen issues. Bigham Design makes no guarantees to these claims but wishes you good luck and a happy DIY repair.


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  1. Oh shit it worked…. Designed to fail ? I guess all that extra thermal paste didn't help, dust in the heat exchanger, using no thermal paste now but I cleaned the surfaces of all the CPU's and the copper heat sinks, core temps never get over 93 running it hard, will see how long it lasts, hoping for another year…. FYI I got mine a little hotter almost 400 F 7min 30sec though…

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