Mac Repair: Restore Mac OS Sierra To Factory Settings

Restore Mac OS Sierra To Factory Settings (Works for all Mac OS versions)

As technology progresses further and further, we head into an era where errors are seen more and more as a nuisance. Customers demand that companies monitor the way their goods fail, good products go through rigorous processes in which possible problems are analyzed and troubleshot whilst still in-factory, but…what do you do when your device fails? Here is how to restore your Mac OS.

Surely everyone has heard the infamous phase “Have you tried turning it on and off?” Over and over, it starts to make us wonder if such a trivial solution to what seems to be a complex problem really is the way to go.
Well, surprisingly enough sometimes it is! Restarting a device means putting an entire halt to the system. When the device reboots, the code is loaded once again in hopes that the error will be fixed.

By following the same logic, when you restore a computer to it’s factory settings, you give it time to re-load it’s programming, which leaves your computer in the same error-free state it was in when you first bought it.

Feeling interested? Mac Repair doesn’t have to complicated, if you’re willing to give it a shot. shows you the correct way to restore your Mac OS.

This will delete ALL of your data, if you have information that you want to keep, back it up to an external drive first before following this tutorial.

  1. To start: Hold your option and power button at the same time and hold them until the “Recovery” icon shows up.
  2. Once you select “Recovery” you will be brought to a menu with multiple recovery options. Select “Disk Utility” and then select your “Macintosh HD”
  3. Select the “Erase” option on the top menu and hit “Erase” again at the bottom.
    Connect to your Wi-Fi access point and exit out of the Disk Utility.
  4. Select the “Reinstall OS X” option, hit continue and select continue once more, continue again on top and then “Agree” when your Mac OS prompts you to.
  5. Now select “Macintosh HD” and hit “Install”
  6. The last thing you will need to do is sign in with your apple ID to ensure everything goes as it should. After that, your Mac OS will re-install. Once it’s done re-installing, select your preferences and You’re all done!

Your Mac OS Repair skills have gone up, and your Mac is in the same pristine state as it once when you first bought it.

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