Mac Mini 2009 Memory Upgrading

Mac Mini Repair:  How to install additional RAM

My Mac Mini 2009 was pretty slow with only 1 GB of RAM. I upgraded this to 8 GB and now it’s very fast. The RAM I put in is called “Corsair SODIMM DDR3,1066-8GB.”  There is a link below if you’d like to purchase the same for yours.

  1. On the bottom of your Mac Mini, carefully pop open the bottom case using the method shown. Be patient as some of them can be a little stubborn and you do NOT want to crack it…..emphasis on PATIENCE!
  2. Now you are able to remove the top and disconnect the ribbon cable.
  3. Remove the three things shown in the video.
  4. Remove the 4 screws as shown and you may now remove the inside case. This will expose where you RAM is located.
  5. Carefully remove the existing RAM card and insert your new Corsair RAM.
  6. Reassemble!

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  1. Is that antistatic!

  2. And? Did it benefit the speed?

  3. im seriously surprised you didnt break your ram. you tried forcing it in and pushing down which usually results in breaking. next time put it in more gently

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