Mac OS: Swift Tutorial 2 – Custom User Interface with xib files in Xcode 6

Mac OS – Swift Tutorial 2  (Custom User Interface with xib files in Xcode 6)

  • Learn how to create a custom nib file or .xib file and add IBDesignable and IBInspectable attributes in Xcode 6.
  • You can make custom UI designs that are reusable between Xcode projects or screens. You will be able to embed the UI into a storyboard file.
  • In this example you will learn how to create a widget based on an existing design from Sketch.

What is Swift 2.0 for Mac?

Today at WWDC, we announced Swift 2.0. This new version has even better performance, a new error handling API, and first-class support for availability checking. And platform APIs feel even more natural in Swift with enhancements to the Apple SDKs.

In addition to new features, the big news is that Apple will be making Swift open source later this year. We are all incredibly excited about this, and look forward to giving you a lot more information as the open source release gets nearer. Here is what we can tell you so far:

Swift source code will be released under an OSI-approved permissive license.
Contributions from the community will be accepted — and encouraged.
At launch we intend to contribute ports for OS X, iOS, and Linux.
Source code will include the Swift compiler and standard library.
We think it would be amazing for Swift to be on all your favorite platforms.
We are excited about the opportunities an open source Swift creates for our industry. Baked-in safety features combined with excellent speed mean it has the chance to dramatically improve software versus using C-based languages. Swift is packed with modern features, it’s fun to write, and we believe it will get used in a lot of places. Together, we have an exciting road ahead.


Want to learn more about Swift 2.0 for Mac?  Click here!!


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