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Ever wished you had the know-how of how to set up a community server?

Then fret no more! Thanks to MYSQL, setting up a server on Mac OS X is a breeze, you’ll only need a MYSQL account and a few minutes of your time.

1.) You can find your corresponding DMG file from the official MYSQL downloads page which you’ll find below:

You will also need to know if You’re running a 32 or 64-bit operating system.

If you don’t know how to do it, the easiest way is to run a new Terminal window and type the following command:

getconf LONG_BIT

Next find out if you’re running a 32 or 64-bit OS version. Terminal will display the operating system version your computer is running (32 for 32-bit, 64 for 64-bit).

Once you know what type of operating system you have, close the Terminal window and proceed to the next step.


2.) Scroll down to the “Downloads” and locate the corresponding DMG file for your computer architecture. Click download and you’ll be prompted to log in to your existing MYSQL account, or if you do not have one, to sign up for one (Don’t worry, it’s free)

3.) You’ll be given the option to download the DMG file from a list of international mirrors, so it’s recommended to pick whichever one is closest to your location.

4.) After you download the installer package, execute it and install as you normally would any other program.

5.) Answer the corresponding prompted questions, after a short time wait, if everything installed correctly, you may check to see if your Mac has the function to start MYSQL.  You may do so by booting up a new Terminal window and writing the following command:

6.) If successful, It will display a greeting message from the developers, and your journey to servers in OS X will have begun.

Congratulations, that’s all there is to it!! LearnMac.org just taught you how to install a MYSQL server on your Mac OS.


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