Install Mac OS X Lion 10.7 from USB

Requirements to install:

4 gigabyte thumb drive

Mac intel core 2 duo or better and at least 2 gigs of RAM.

This is a very easy to follow video that will walk you through the installation process of Mac OSX Lion


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  1. Cool brother, I'd only suggest you gray out the box on the section you show your serial number, just in case someone with bad intentions want to clone it somehow…anyway this helped me a lot. I am going to the App store nearby and download the bloaty damn roar.

  2. After I click restore near the end when its about to finish an error comes up and says not enough memory cannot allocate memory…I'm using a sandısk 16GB usb stick…what can be the problem? I have followed every step correctly. Thanks for the help

  3. @123Torterra it is called ScreenFlow it really is quite a Fantastic program

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