Mac OS X – Installing Sploitego

A short how-to on installing Sploitego on Mac OS X.

Detailed installation steps:

1. Install Xcode from the App Store
2. Open Xcode and navigate to “Xcode” then “Preferences” in the toolbar.
3. Navigate to the “Downloads” tab and install “Command Line Tools” by clicking “Install”.
4. Download and install setuptools from
5. Open “” and run “sudo easy_install sploitego”
6. Once installed, make sure /usr/local/bin is accessible by the local user by typing “sudo chmod 755 -R /usr/local/bin” in the Terminal.
7. In “” run “git clone && cd libdnet && ./” to install libdnet and its Python bindings.
8. Download and install pylibpcap by going to
9. Install sploitego by typing “canari install-package sploitego” at the command line.

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  1. hello. i can't word sploitego on my mac .

    Mac:~ www$ canari install-package sploitego
    Multiple versions of Maltego detected: 
    [0] Maltego v3.4.0
    [1] Maltego v3.4.0CE
    Please select which version you wish to use [0]: 1
    Looking for transforms in sploitego.transforms
    Does not appear to be a valid canari package. Couldn't import the 'sploitego.transforms' package in 'sploitego'.

    Error message: No module named pcapy

    but i mac installed pcapy

    Mac:~ www$ port installed | grep pcapy
      py-pcapy @0.10.5_0(active)
      py24-pcapy @0.10.5_0(active)
      py26-pcapy @0.10.5_0(active)
      py27-pcapy @0.10.5_0(active)

    i need your help

  2. Hi Ronny,

    Try this first: sudo easy_install sploitego

    If that doesn't work then you'll need the setuptools package installed. You can download these tools from the pypi website. Once you've installed sploitego then you can run the command: canari install-package sploitego

  3. Thank you, man! You saved my day.

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