Haiku OS Desktop install

The basic desktop install for Haiku OS.
This is a part of a series of installs to show how operating systems and their installers have changed over time.

This is one of the fastest OS installs I have done.

Here are the original USB stick installation instructions: https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/installing/making_haiku_usb_stick


  1. USB stick installation instructions: https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/installing/making_haiku_usb_stick

  2. hej, i tried to made bootable usb  like your suggest in the other video.
    downloaded everything but Universal usb installer didn't recognized haiku.
    i have iso image . any clue?
    i need that for notebook without cd drive so it need to be from usb. tnx!!

  3. Can you help me please,i have ever at the bootscreen of the Installation-Disc a freezed screen before it shows me the setup on my Acer Aspire One Happy with an Intel Atom D255 Processor 🙁 I have tried to install or boot it with an external dvd drive.
    Please help me and sorry for my bad english

  4. That is the actual install, that's all there is to it.
    You slap the CD in, you get the first menu where you get to select where you install, and then you press install and bam, you are done, just restart and Haiku is running.

  5. Could have time lapsed the actual install process instead of showing the few odd minutes of loading bar. Give a timer in the corner or something. Just trying to find constructive criticism is all.

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