Mac Applications – How To Install Processing 2.2.1 for Mac OS

With Processing 2.2.1 for the Mac OS, learning to code isn’t something exclusive to Computer Science students anymore.

Modern society is completely dependent on Technology.  Nowadays, almost everyone uses it in their everyday life.  It actually seems strange to think of a day when we don’t use some sort of device.  Keeping this in mind, during these past years there have been remarkable campaigns to get people into coding.
Processing 2.2.1 for Mac OS is an open source platform aimed at users all around the world who want to get into programming, but are unsure of how to start.  It aids users with a helpful interface, oriented in visual guidance for good and comprehensive coding instructions.
Processing 2.2.1 for Mac OS is now available to everyone. has prepared this Mac General Tutorial to help get you started in the world of Programming & App Development.

  • First: Head to the Processing Downloads page
  • Select the Mac OS X option to start the download, the downloaded file should be a .zip archive.
  • Double-click it and drag the Processing icon to the Applications folder. If you’re using someone else’s machine and can’t modify the Applications folder, just drag the application to the desktop.
  • Then double-click the Processing icon to start.
    With any luck, the main Processing window in Mac OS will now be visible.
  • Thanks to, you’re now running the Processing Development Environment (or PDE).
  • There’s not much to it; the large area is the Text Editor, and there’s a row of buttons across the top; this is the toolbar. Below the editor is the Message Area, and below that is the Console. The Message Area is used for one line messages, and the Console is used for more technical details.

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