Monthly Archives: September 2016

OS X Yosemite Beta | Install + Tutorial

OS X Yosemite Beta, Sign Up, Download, Installation & Preview ! ► All the Tutorials Playlist - In this video, I'll be showing you guys how to sign up to the OS X Beta Program, Download, Install and then Preview the Beta...
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iPhone Facebook tutorial iOS Xcode Apple

This is simple tutorial how simply create Facebook iOS application for iPhone using latest version of Xcode. When browsing youtube videos i discovered that everybody was showing older version of Xcode. That was problem because when you tried to compile project it will...
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Hardware Monitoring/Tweaking Software Guide

Keeping tabs on all your computer components is tough. This guide shows you some simple ways of making sure your computer doesn't fail spectacularly. Temperatures can be monitored for almost all of your components with various pieces of software. ...
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Hackintosh: Updating to OS X 10.9.2

- Hackintosh Series:: - Follow me on Twitter:: I wanted to get this up last week, but here it is. This walks through updating the Hackintosh OS. I also offer some tips for a smooth upgrade. Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H - Alt: Z87X-UD5H - Intel Core i7-4770K Processor - Corsair...
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Install Mac OS X Lion 10.7 from USB

Requirements to install:

4 gigabyte thumb drive Mac intel core 2 duo or better and at least 2 gigs of RAM. This is a very easy to follow video that will walk you through the installation process of Mac OSX Lion  ...
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Macbook Air 11″ vs Lenovo x230. Which is better?

Lenovo Thinkpad x230 comparison with Macbook Air 11" (2011) Macbook Air: - 1.6 GHz Core i5 (2nd generation) - 4 Gb RAM - 128 Gb SSD - Intel HD3000 Lenovo x230 - 2.6 GHz Core i5 (3th geneartion) - 16 Gb RAM - 500 Gb 7200 rpm HDD - Intel HD4000 Over all...
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Macbook Pro – Screen Flickering Repair

Macbook Pro - Fix your Screen Flickering by "baking" your motherboard.

This video is to help you make an informed decision about repairing your Macbook Pro laptop using the bake motherboard method to fix screen related issues. This is a DIY tutorial making...
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