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Installing the Eclipse IDE on a Mac – Luna Edition

What is Eclipse for Macbook?

Eclipse is an Integrated Development environment also know as an IDE. Integrated: Tools are collected in one software package to work together. Diverse components that you create are integrated to form a complete package (project) Get...
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Macbook Repair: Removing keyboard keys

Macbook Repair: How to remove keyboard keys (White Macbook)

Removing the keys on the Macbook is simple as long as you remain gentle in your approach. Here are the steps: Using a toothpick, make sure you carefully pry the keyboard cap away from the...
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Apple Patches iOS & iTunes – Daily Security Byte EP.144

In this short, daily video post, Corey Nachreiner, CISSP and CTO for WatchGuard Technologies, shares the biggest InfoSec story from the day -- often sharing useful security tips where appropriate.

Why Should I update??

The security update will address the following things:
  • ios 9,...
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Mac C++ Programming: If Statements

In this video, we discuss the basics of IF and IF-ELSE statements. Comparisons of numbers and variables are covered.

C if statement

if (testExpression) 
   // statements
The if statement evaluates the test expression inside parenthesis.
If test expression is evaluated...
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Mac Mini 2009 Memory Upgrading

Mac Mini Repair:  How to install additional RAM

My Mac Mini 2009 was pretty slow with only 1 GB of RAM. I upgraded this to 8 GB and now it's very fast. The RAM I put in is called "Corsair SODIMM DDR3,1066-8GB."  There...
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