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How To Shut Down The MacBook Pro (Easy)

This is a simple tutorial on how to shut down the MacBook Pro

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New 13-inch MacBook Pro Review! (2015)

My review of Apple’s new 13″ Retina MacBook Pro. Enjoy! 🙂

A detailed review of the 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro including speed tests, benchmarks and comparisons vs the 2014 2.6GHz i5 MacBook Pro with Intel Iris graphics vs the 2015 2.7GHz i5 and 3.1GHz i7 MacBook Pro with Intel Iris 6100 graphics. Also includes a demo of the new Force Touch trackpad and how it works!

13″ MacBook Pro Pricing & Configurations:

FitMenCook Video! Tell him TLD sent ya! 🙂

TLD FCPX Speedtest!

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Apple Remote Desktop – Grundlagen Tutorial: Trailer |

Komplettes Video-Training: Mithilfe von Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) können Sie von Ihrem Schreibtisch aus sämtliche Mac-Rechner in Ihrem Netzwerk verwalten. Marc Oliver Thoma zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie Apple Remote Desktop installieren und die Verwaltung der Clients aktivieren. Sie sehen, wie Sie Software auf den entfernten Rechnern installieren und Tasks erstellen. Aber Sie lernen auch, wie Sie mithilfe von Berichten den Überblick über die Rechner im Netzwerk behalten. Freuen Sie sich auf vereinfachte Systemverwaltung mit Apple Remote Desktop.
Dieses Tutorial ist ein Auszug aus Marc Oliver Thomas neuem Video-Training „Apple Remote Desktop – Grundlagen. Mac-Rechner im Netzwerk einfach verwalten.“

MacBook Pro 2010 Un-boxing with surprise tip!

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How to cool down your Macbook Pro. WORKS!!!

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Hey guys and in this video i am going to be showing you how to cool down your macbook pro. It works on other macs to and older versions! Just follow the steps on the video and it will work for you. You just don need to open your macbook. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe to watch my latest tutorials!! 🙂

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12 of my best keyboard shortcuts for mac

In this video I talked out my best 12 keyboard shortcuts for mac os x . I am running os x mavericks on a macbook pro .

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The meaning of some shortcut symbols you may come up across :

⌘ Command key
⌃ Control key
⌥ Option key
⇧ Shift Key
⇪ Caps Lock
fn Function Key

shortcuts in this video :

Command + Option + Control + Eject
instant shutdown

Command + Shift + Option + Esc (hold)
instantly force quit an open window

Command + Shift + 3
screenshot whole display

Command + Shift + 4
screenshot selected part of display

Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar
screenshot specific widow or dock or menubar

Command + Control + D
define selected

Command + Control + Option + 8
invert colors on display (watch video to see how to enable this shortcut)

Command + W
close window

Command + Q
quit window

Command + Option + H
hide all windows except the one open

Command + Option + Space
open a finder window to search anything on your mac

Command + F3
move all…

Airplay and Apple TV Tutorial

This video provides a step-by-step view on how to wirelessly mirror your Apple iPhone, or other iOS 7 device’s screen, on an HDTV using AirPlay and Apple TV.

In this video you will:

– configure Wi-Fi network settings on the Apple TV
– identify the AirPlay settings that need to be enabled on the Apple TV
– confirm that the correct Wi-Fi network is active on the iPhone
– enable AirPlay Mirroring on the iPhone
– view iPhone content mirrored on an HDTV

BF Area Sim Update Tutorial/MAC PORT APP of .97 from Official Site Link Below

UPDATE: May 12th. Here is a link that Mac Users should simply be able to download, unzip and treat as a normal App. It includes the latest “Official” release of Ver. 0.97 that is now on the Website. I had uploaded 0.97.1, but once they uploaded it to the official site, they changed one text file, so I had to port it again.

If it gives the “Unidentified Developer” warning and won’t open, that is a normal OS X security message, so do this

UPDATE: The following is if you want to install it yourself with the old Apps.

The fastest way to update is to simply copy all four items from the 0.96 Update Folder and Drop them DIRECTLY into the main BUDDYFIGHT AREA FOLDER. Sometimes this creates a mess, but so can the ways I showed.

Here is a link to download BF Area


To open .rar and .zip files on a Mac, I use the free “The…

How To Speed Up Mac Learn How To Speed Up My Mac How To Speed Up Mac? Learn the answer on how to speed up my mac.

Want to learn how to speed up mac? The mac operating system is pretty smooth and fast running in comparison with windows vista or perhaps windows 7 but still, there are times when the speed of your mac could be slow and no one enjoys have to do work on a slow operating system and believe me I know this could be a real pain.

So here are few good tips on how to speed up my mac. The first thing you should do is to remove all items on your desktop that you do not use, this step is important as all the icons or widgets, are loaded once the system starts up so obviously the more the files the more time it will take for it to load. Try to either remove them or place them in folders which will prevent the operating system from loading them directly and in turn prevent usage of additional resources.

Proper Managing of startup items can significantly improve your mac speed. Once you…

Unboxing – 15′ MacBook Pro (2011) 4GB RAM 500 GB@7200 RPM

Been waiting for a few years and i finally got my Macbook. This video was made a few days ago and i finally got off my lazy ass and uploaded it. This is the newest Macbook Pro model just released and it joins my apple family with my iPod Nano 5th Generation with a camera, My 2nd generation iPod Touch and my iMac Desktop.